W​What does it mean to be a veteran on today's politically charged campuses?

How do veterans view the world around them differently than traditional students?

How do veterans view the current education model?

What is it like for a veteran to balance the demands of life (job, family, etc.) while also maintaining status as a full time student so that he or she will receive their full benefits?

These are only a few of the questions We're All Green helps answer.

We're All Green

A mentoring program designed by veterans, for veterans. The Leadership Group knows the unique challenges veterans face as they transition from soldier to student, because its CEO and Founder, Dustin Lehmann, has made the same transition. He is using his experiences during transition to make We're All Green as beneficial as possible to veterans. 




Selfless Service



Personal Courage

These are values every veteran knows well. It is time we use these values to help our brothers and sisters in need.